BMW Motorrad and LOBECO win highest award at the German Brand Awards 2021 as ‘Best of Best’ in the ‘Lighthouse Project of the Year’ category

BMW Motorrad and LOBECO are among the big winners of the German Brand Awards 2021. In 2020, the Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer and the digital consulting agency from Munich conceived and implemented a strategic reorientation of product communication – away from the traditional trade fair presence and towards a digital world of experiences with a strong focus on social media. This completely new communicative approach was awarded ‘Best of Best’ in the category ‘Lighthouse Project of the Year’ by the jury of the renowned competition. Furthermore, the project received a ‘Gold’ award in the category ‘Brand Digitalization’.

Back in April 2020, BMW Motorrad decided on a strategic realignment of its communications. LOBECO, the digital consulting agency from Munich is responsible for the strategy, conception and implementation of BMW Motorrad’s social media brand communication. Together, all 17 product launches were communicated to consumers in a targeted manner via social media through the increased use of live and digital formats.

The result: compared to 2019, reach and interactions increased more than tenfold. In addition, the second-best sales result in the company’s history was achieved in 2020. The successful concept will be continued in 2021 – autonomous from trade shows!

“BMW Motorrad’s decision to launch all products digitally only – instead of at international trade shows – required a completely new communicative approach. In doing so, the digital possibilities were consistently exploited and the brand was made emotionally tangible at a high technical and design level. The broad use of social media also made it possible to reach new, younger target groups and get them excited about the brand. The result is the second-best sales result in the history of BMW Motorrad, which has used this case as an exemplary demonstration of what a successful transformation can look like. At the same time, the example is another indicator that the future of fairies is mobile and digital. The radical change of course in communication was courageous, but also timely. The pandemic crisis has only accelerated this step,” said the jury’s statement.

In addition, BMW Motorrad received the ‘Gold’ award in the category ‘Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation: Brand Digitalization’, the second highest prize to be awarded by the German Brand Awards jury.

“With the decision to communicate all product launches to consumers via social media in a targeted manner, BMW Motorrad is also getting ready for the future in terms of communication. The company has taken advantage of digital opportunities and made the brand come alive, emotionally and on the web,” said the jury, explaining its decision to award ‘Gold’.

Lorenz Beringer, founder and CEO of LOBECO: “We are very proud to have received two German Brand Awards together with our client BMW Motorrad. This recognition shows once again that BMW Motorrad and LOBECO have been rewarded for having the courage to launch products digitally – instead of at trade shows, as was previously the case. We will continue on this path in the future and underline the digital innovative power of the BMW Motorrad brand.”

German Brand Awards

The German Brand Awards is one of the most important brand award ceremonies in Germany. It recognizes companies that stand out from the competition with exemplary brand management, sustainable campaigns and exceptional marketing projects. With the German Brand Awards, the German Design Council and the German Brand Institute honor successful brands, consistent brand management and sustainable brand communication. The “Best of Best” award, which honors outstanding brand management across all industries, has been presented a total of 15 times.

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