Paulaner Oktoberfest Campaign 2018



Paulaner Oktoberfest Campaign 2018

International positioning of Paulaner as the No. 1 Oktoberfest beer brand

Focused on the Munich Oktoberfest (the world’s largest public festival) our client Paulaner, started with a clear communication goal: International positioning as the No. 1 Oktoberfest beer brand. For this purpose we developed a creative and social media optimized content strategy, which we released  over a period of 6 weeks as advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, taking into account the country-specific characteristics. In cooperation with Facebook, we conducted a design study (Brand Lift Study) to determine that Paulaner was able to achieve significant increases in their international target group with regards to advertising recall, brand awareness and brand association with the Oktoberfest.

The results show the following increases (lift) for Paulaner:

  • Ad Recall +10,5%,
  • Brand Awareness +10%,
  • Message Association: +5%.

You can read the entire case study here on Facebook for Business!

  • Date

    January 1, 1970

  • Skills

    Social Media Advertising, Marketing Science, Creatives


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